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Semien Mountains and National Park, Ethiopia​

breathe taking natural beauty inhabited by birds, eg. Vanellus melanocephalus, Parophasma galinieri, Macronyx flavicollis, Myrmecocichla semirufa ETC…and Mammals found nowhere else in the  world. eg. Papio anubis, Papio hamadryas, Ceropithecus aethiops, Crocuta crocuta and what have you. 

The dramatic  Mountain land-escape, better known as the Semien Mountains is a natural home to Semen Fox, the Gelada Baboon, and Walia Ibex, found only in Ethiopia. Ras Dashen, the 4th largest mountain in africa is part of this unbelivieble scenery.

Lalibela, Ethiopia​


One of the wonders of the world; built in the 13th century and located in the northern part of Ethiopia, it is famous for its eleventh monolitic rock-hewn churches.

Axum, Ethiopia​


One of the most ancient city and the greatest empire of its time. Located in the northern Ethiopia, it is believed that the original Ark of the Covenant has been kept ever since.

Fasilides Castle, Ethiopia​

A magnificent castle built in the 17th century by Emperor Fasiledes, a decendant of the Solomonic Danasty which was established by Menelik the first, son of Queen Sheba of the Bible. Fasiledes was so famouse that he earned the name ALEM SEGED meaning “to whom all the world bows”. 

Fasilides is found in Gondar, the historical city of Gonder is located north of lake Tana on the Lesser Angereb River and southwest of the Simien Mountains. It
was the royal seat of the emperors of the Solomonic dynasty including Fasiledes for hundreds of years.

Omo Valley, Ethiopia​


Where most nomadic and semi-nomadic people with different fascinating ethnic culture are found.

Dallol, Ethiopia​


Is the northern most extension of the Great Rift Valley. it is located in the north-east of the Erta-Ale range, in one of the lowest and hottest areas of the desolates of Danakil depresion.

Harar, Ethiopia​

Harar:-is an anicent walled city in eastern Ethiopia and of the fourth holiest city in Islam after MAKA, MEDINA & JERUSALEM. It was formerly the capital of Hararghe and now the capital of the modern Harari Region of Ethiopia